The time of a lawyer is precious

JurisFlow was developed with the daily routine of lawyers in mind, helping them to be more productive and organized

Consolidation of Dossier or Processes Information

Quick Access and mobility to archived documents

Provision of online information for customers

Access to external tools for the handling of Judicial Proceedings in batch

With the JurisFlow, you win more than one hour of your working day.
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Leverage and accelerate your business!

  • EDM - Electronic Management of Documents

    Online Access to the clients  documents archive

  • Daily Planning and control of deadlines

    Effective Management of schedules. Registration and Accounting of the work carried out by the teams.

  • 360º view of Costumer or Dossier – Direct and Intuitive Access to all information related to a client or dossier

    Direct Access and intuitive to all information related to a client or matter

JurisFlow is essential for:

Management of Files and Legal Procedures

File and Classification of scanned documents

Management of the teams work and registration of timesheets

Management of Agreements and Third Parties Contracts

With JurisFlow

You can access from any place or any time, the information you need