Platform designed to Optimize the management of information in law firms or legal departments of organizations

JurisFlow is a cloud-based solution that allows managing and relating all existing information in the office, traditionally scattered throughout Excel Files, Outlook emails, Commercial Proposals in a folder, Address Books, among others.
With a special focus on the daily life of large law firms or offices, JurisFlow allows you to gain time for what is the most important: your work as a lawyer.
Designed as a base to integrate with robot mechanisms, this solution enhances efficiency in the use of time in in each aspect of day-to-day life in the office. JurisFlow is the preferred tool for managing legal proceedings and it is used by the most emblematic law firms in Macao, as well as in Brazil.


More than 25 years creating management solutions

Founded in 1993, PONTUAL SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS is a consulting and software development company with headquarters in Portugal and offices in Brazil (Sao Paulo), and Macao.
PONTUAL has extensive experience in implementing integrated software systems, with national and international references in the areas and markets in which it operates.
Having as its core business Legal/Mass Litigation, Veterinary and Retail and Services Management areas, PONTUAL adopts as its fundamental principles an Entrepreneurial drive, Continuous Innovation and a Long-term Strategic Vision.

“Our philosophy at PONTUAL is to see beyond the limits imposed on us by the different constraints, anticipating the customer’s needs; to be nonconformist, to think outside the box and look for another perspective on the themes in question.
This is the way we have grown and this is the way we have achieved our goals.
António Texeira, CEO



Financial institution

The answer to Cofidis needs was based on the JurisFlow solution with implementation of the Litigation module and the customization of specific Protocols for the automatic and daily integration of processes and costs arising from other information systems. The system allows: Integrate, in a daily and automatic manner, Dossiers that have reached the Litigation stage; Integrate Payments and Costs registered with the management of these Dossiers; Integrate and manage Legal Proceedings resulting from each Dossier.