• Simplified Identification of actors and acts;
• Quick Location of scriptures and other documents;
• Management of internal issues;
• Management of Contracts with third parties;
• Control of profitability of collaborators;
• Access Reserved Area for the other departments in your organization (document sharing and status of processes).


Does it take a long time to find a scripture due to notarial act only on the basis of the document of identification of an actor?

The centralized file allows you not only direct access to any document or draft registered in JurisFlow but also gives you the ability to create and manage an internal library of his notary.

Do you need to streamline the way your client queries the state of their affairs?

Intranet is for this very reason: INFORM YOUR CUSTOMER
The Intranet for Clients allows a limited and totally controlled view of the existing information of each file or Process. The access credentials are managed by themselves, as well as the type of information that can be consulted.

Increase the efficiency of your notary office!

Drag’n Drop file directly to the platform

The JurisFlow allows you to organize digital files and documents, and see them in full mobility.

‣ You can File procedural documents
‣ Organize document models and share them with your office or Law Firm
‣ Keep important documents
‣ Create a Knowledge Base from your Office or Law Firm

    Centralize the Management of Contracts with third parties

    Do they have a notion of all contracts that have assets with third parties?
    This system allows you to:

    ‣ Register and Classify all of the contracts concluded with third parties
    ‣ Be alerted in due time, to be able to opt for the renewal or not of contract
    ‣ Quantify the total number of contracts with third parties in order to enable it to draw up strategies for the negotiation of values in scale

      Nothing is by bill

      Is the invoice to the customer really applied all the time in their affairs?
      The ToBeFlow allows you to regulate the administrative activities through the daily record in TIMESHEET activities, as well as the costs to be charged.

      The JurisFlow implements the concept of Validation of times and costs. Through this feature, all values will be duly analyzed and classified into one of the following options:

      ‣ Should be charged to the customer – will be reflected in the account to submit
      ‣ Should be considered under an Agreement
      ‣ Should not be charged, and should in this case be identified the reason

        Efficient Management of Retainer Contracts
        Do you know the profitability of the Retainer Contracts?

        The management of Retainer Contracts in JurisFlow is a feature especially important when you need to measure the effectiveness of your Office or Legal Department.
        JurisFlow allows you to associate Registration costs or Activities in TIMESHEET to an Agreement.
        The terms and conditions of each Agreement will be defined in each case and determine the behavior of the platform:

        ‣ Retainer Contract limited, or not, in terms of the number of hours or incidents
        ‣ Retainer Contract limited, or not, in time

          Your customer has a very own channel of access to information

          Is it often interrupted by phone calls to request a point-of-situation?

          The JurisFlow solves this problem.

          Through the use of client portal, you can give access to the information related to the issues that your customers have open in your Office or Legal Department.
          The client portal is a factor of differentiation as well as customer loyalty.

          In the case of Legal Departments, it is still an added value in the sense that it makes it possible for other departments to place requests, freeing its resources and time.
          This access is configured by you, entity by entity, determining the type of information that you will allow to be accessed.

            Performance Indicators

            Because we only manage, what we know…
            The JurisFlow gives you access to a set of statistical indicators, extracted directly from existing information.
            Measure the activity of your Office or Legal Department, using KPIs such as:

            ‣ Salvage Value of a portfolio
            ‣ Total Recovered in current month
            ‣ Profitability of Lawyers
            ‣ Profitability of Retainer Contracts
            ‣ Performance of Lots

              Centralize all Emails exchanged

              Access to e-mail exchanged related with a particular Dossier is facilitated with the use of the JurisFlow. Regardless of the email address used, the message is automatically copied to the Emails of that Dossier.
              A particular Dossier has several contacts with several email addresses? The messages are registered, in the same way!
              This classification system has the following characteristics:

              ‣ Is executed automatically and scheduled, privileging with less hours of work with the platform
              ‣ Allows delete domains and addresses in this process, in order to ensure confidentiality

                Your personal assistant, in digital format

                The JurisFlow offers an Agenda for each employee. Already the Resource Schedules or Generic are unlimited.
                What you need most in order to organise themselves decently?
                This System of Schedules allows you to:

                ‣ Determine the degree of Privacy of each agenda
                ‣ View Public Holidays/non working days
                ‣ View all Planned Tasks, by overlapping with the personal Schedule
                ‣ Distinguish the various markings, by TYPE
                ‣ Control the Deadlines for each Task, in addition to the date of implementation planned
                ‣ Set Reminders of proximity warning of a marking